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Luxury Kitchen Remodel

luxury kitchen remodel Weatherford Texas

Build Your Kitchen Foundation

Kitchen Remodels are a speciality here at H & J Custom Builders.  We stay abreast and continue to seek the newest in designs, ideas and concepts.  We have several teams that specialize in their respective disciplines, designs and fabrications and have built some of the most stunning kitchens, using the most state of the art products for clients.  We service clients in Weatherford Texas and surrounding cities.  Everything from indoor to outdoor kitchens our processes and expertise allow us to provide any kitchen remodel you can think of.  We can make any kitchen extend itself and seem as if it had always existed with the home or we can create a design that is completely unique within itself. Our work attracts some of the most discerning of clients because we create some of the most stunning masterpieces in our area. We can offer everything you could possibly imagine or want in a luxury kitchen.  We would love to show our capabilities and our portfolio so you can see first hand what we can create for you and your family.

Our kitchen remodel process starts with a strong foundation.  We begin the process by looking at the space we have to work with and what the client wants, or hopes to accomplish within their space.  At this point we will have already assigned a seasoned project manager to your new project.  One you will get to know on a very integral level.  This is so you get the best in personalized care for your new luxury kitchen. Your project manager will be able to systematically and thoroughly gather your ideas, desires and needs before beginning the build of your new kitchen remodel.  This includes analyzing everything  from custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring and fixtures, to state of the art appliances.  Our project manager and his team will work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of your luxury kitchen fits seamlessly into your home.  This process will allow us to deliver a masterpiece to you and your family so that you will have decades of beauty, luxury and love for your new kitchen.

Final Kitchen Touches

Modern Kitchen Remodel Weatherford Texas

Once your luxury kitchen remodel in Weatherford, TX is complete, we will go through every aspect of your remodel with you.  This is to explore the final product and go over any last questions you might have.  We will even discuss care for your new kitchen and ways to get the most out of your space.  We guarantee our work and thus want you to feel that we are always ready to assist you with any future concerns you may have with your kitchen remodel.  We take pride in knowing that our workmanship will last for generations to come.  Lastly, we will ask to take some professional pictures of the project so we may use this as a way to showcase our workmanship.  We will send email copies so you too can have a catalog to show to your friends and family.  H & J Custom Builders works in Weatherford Texas and all surrounding cities.  Please contact us today to schedule a meeting with our most experienced estimator.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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